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Beechwood Smoked Salt 30g - This pure sea salt is smoked using the ancient Scandinavian method. The natural smoking method uses traditional beechwood to enrich the salt with its unique and oaky taste. Often enjoyed with eggs and on omelettes in Scandanavia.

Persian Blue Salt 30g - Persian blue salt is a rough textured natural rock salt coming from the salt mines of Iran. Its particular colour is due to the unique mixture of minerals in the region, brought down from the mountains by spring waters. To be used sparingly due to its acutely salty flavour, a small amount will enhance any dish.

Himalayan Pink Salt 30g - Hand-picked from mines deep within the Himalayas, this complex salt cannot be produced anywhere else on earth. The unique combination of deep earth minerals and ancient cooled granite creates a vibrant mix of colours within one salt. From a white-pink to deep, cherry red this salt enhances the presentation of any dish and brings a new flavour experience to simple dishes like vegetables and salads. The unique properties of this salt have been developed over 200million years by the region's individual characteristics.

Hawaiian Salt 30g - Traditional Hawaiian table salt, perfectly in tune with Hawaii's vivid culture and diet. Its intimate, subtle flavour is an addition to any grilled fish, lamb or pork dish. Use more liberally to flavour darker meats.

Cypriot Black Salt 30g - Delicate pyramidal flakes of sea salt from Cyprus. Originally these flakes are white and bright, the black colour is due to the addition of coal dust obtained from the burning of sweet woods such as lime, birch and willow. The Cypriot salt is known for its fresh and sweet taste. Thanks to its particular consistency it dissolves immediately upon contact with food. Optimal with meat, fish, salads and vegetables. Use this salt at the table for guests to see the shape, delicate patterns and dissolution.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Net Weight 150 Gr
Manufacturer Brezzo
Made in Italy
Region Piedmont


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